Picasso’s Pizzeria

We ended up at Picasso’s Pizzeria on Saturday when we were denied at the food truck rally downtown. We wanted to get some Flying Stove but, as it turns out, everyone in Wichita had the same idea. It didn’t help matters that the home show was going on at Century II. Lots of hungry people meant long lines and even longer waits. Thus, we ended up at Picasso’s.

Cory and April had been there before but it was mine and Brian’s first time. Misty and her niece joined us because they didn’t want to wait an hour for food at the food truck rally. It was their first time at Picasso’s also. The food was pretty good.

Here are some photos…


Their pizzas are huge. Brian and I decided to just split one. We got the heart attack.


April’s pizza looked super yummy also.


Cory had a sandwich.


He shared his cheesy bread with us also.


Picasso’s serves good food. I’d go there again.

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