Dawn Thai Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

A Thai restaurant that also serves sushi? Sure. Why not? I got to try some Dawn dishes on Saturday when I stopped by mom and dad’s house after my Zumba class. I had some time to kill before picking Brian up at the airport. I figured I would use the opportunity to visit mom and dad. Free food is always a plus.




Dawn Thai Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

Mom ordered food to go and brought it home so I’m not really sure what all we had. I know that the first dish is pad Thai. Mom also got the “drunken” fried rice with chicken, some kind of chicken stir fry, and an order of egg rolls. An order of egg rolls consists of three pieces so we each had one. All the dishes had really great flavor. Mom said that the restaurant serves great sushi also. I’m thinking I will have to take Brian there for dinner sometime. I’m sure that he will love it!

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