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Jan’s Retirement Luncheon at Abuelo’s

Posted on February 10, 2013 by under Food and Drink.    

Friday was a great day. I had a good one-on-one meeting with our executive VP, someone who I’ve admired for a very long time — as in, I went to public rate hearings like they were rock concerts just so I could watch this man at work — always taking notes whenever he speaks at meetings and drinking in as much knowledge as I possibly can. Anyway, I felt like I won the mentorship lottery because he’s going to be my mentor. Seriously. How did I luck into this situation? No longer will I have to take notes at public hearings and at our organizational meetings; though, I’m still going to continue to do that because I’m a complete nerd. I’m going to get scheduled, one-on-one time with one of my idols at work. How awesome is that?


In the afternoon, several of us met at Abuelo’s to celebrate Jan’s retirement. We held a cake and punch reception for her at work on Thursday afternoon so everyone could wish her well, and then a smaller group went to lunch with her on Friday. It was wonderful to see Jan looking so healthy and well. She’s been living the retirement life for a few weeks now and she looks completely refreshed. It clearly suits her.

Here are some obligatory food photos…





I had the stuffed chicken medallions, which is one of my favorite entrees at Abuelo’s. This is what I get whenever Brian and I aren’t splitting the three enchiladas plate or when I don’t order the Durango burrito. The dinner portion is only a couple of bucks more, but I’m glad I got the lunch-sized portion (pictured above) because it’s quite substantial. I was so full that I was ready to take a nap.

Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy on Urbanspoon

I hadn’t been to Abuelo’s in several months. Brian and I stopped going when they stopped serving their sangria in carafes. I think that was around the same time that the “happy hour” legislation passed. Ever since Brian has started drinking wine (okay, even before, but it sounds better when two people are sharing a carafe of sangria as opposed to just me drinking it by myself, which I have done on a few occasions; thank God for Brian being my designated driver for several years — not so much any more, now that he’s realized that he can drink), we’d order a carafe of their red sangria to share. It used to be only $10 and I think the price increased to $12 before they could no longer offer it all together. It was such a good value because you’ll pay $7 for a glass of sangria, but you could get a carafe for about $12 and get at least three good-sized glasses out of it.

Anyway, don’t let the sangria situation discourage you. There’s plenty of things to enjoy at Abuelo’s. Their chips are still the best. Put some taco meat in the chili con queso and you can make a meal out of it. And, I really like their mashed potatoes. I usually substitute it for the beans. And, I have liked everything that I’ve ever tried at Abuelo’s; although, after I discovered my three favorite things, I rarely deviated from the routine.

I would have gone wherever Jan wanted to go for her luncheon, but I’m really glad she picked Abuelo’s. I think everyone enjoyed their meal and had a wonderful time. Congratulations, Jan!

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