Beer Scavenger Hunt


Nick had a list of beers he wanted Carmen to look for so one night before dinner we stopped by Total Wine in Glendale. It’s not quite Table & Vine, but it’s pretty cool. They sell cheeses and chocolates and wine tchotchkes, pretty much everything that you need for a wonderful evening.

Despite two whole aisles of craft beers, they didn’t carry any of the hard-to-find beers on Nick’s list. Carmen picked out some good ones that you can’t get in Kansas that she thought he’d like, though. I asked Brian if he wanted me to get him anything, but he said no. We live by a pretty good liquor store so it didn’t really matter. Although, I did find that some of the prices at Total Wine are much better. They had bottles of Chateau Ste Michelle riesling for under $6. They’re usually $10-15 over here.

As good as Groves is, I kind of wish we had a Total Wine or Table & Vine here. Brian says that, by law, liquor stores in Kansas aren’t allowed to sell food. We actually found this out when we went to a Trader Joe’s in Leawood. They didn’t have any liquor. One of the store representatives told that us that we would have to go a store on the Missouri side to get the regular Trader Joe’s experience. This is definitely one of the downsides of living in Kansas.

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