Flip and Ching’s Annual Holiday Gathering

Our annual gathering usually happens before Christmas, but we had to put it off until after the New Year because all of our friends were out of town for the holidays. The first ever annual gathering we had was at Cracker Barrel. The second one was at Pacific Coast Pizza. This is supposed to be our third one, but instead of taking place in 2012 it happened in 2013. And, instead of taking everyone out to eat, we decided to just serve breakfast at our house.


We served hash browns…


…cinnamon rolls…


…Nutella-filled crescents…


…a breakfast casserole dish using a recipe that Brian found on Pinterest…


…and mimosas.



I was actually amazed that mom got dad to come. He never leaves the house. I think it was the draw of the mimosas, though. LOL.


Brian and I really enjoyed making food for everyone. We had a lot of fun even though we had to get up at the crack of dawn to start baking because we only have one oven. One of these days I can get a fancy dual-oven range thing. Until then, we’ll just have to bake everything in batches.

Thanks to everyone who came out. Until our next annual gathering!

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