Spreading the Word About the Flying Stove

We met a few friends at the Natural Grocers on Rock Road where the Flying Stove was parked for lunch on Saturday. Jarrica, Mark, Cory, April, and Misty all tried it for the first time. I’m glad we could all get together and meet up for lunch, and enjoy great food on such a lovely day. We even ran into Gina Ann’s brother BJ.

I think everyone had the same idea because they sold out of the steak plate which is what I really wanted. It worked out okay because it gave me an opportunity to try their Thai red curry.


It was good, but I was disappointed that it had no meat. Apparently, it’s a vegetarian dish. Thus, the VEG written next to it. I can be a little dense sometimes. LOL. Anyway, I think it would be really good with some chicken in it.


The truffle fries are a must-have. We always ask for a large order to share.


Brian tried the LA street tacos for the first time. He said they were really good.


Cory and April had the gourmASIAN burger. It looked really good as well.

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