Taqueria El Paisa

Spanish class was at Taqueria El Paisa last night. You guys want to play a game of “Guess which plate belonged to Ching?”






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El Paisa is one of the few places in town that serve horchata, a type of drink made from rice water that is popular throughout Latin America. Aside from serving some traditional food and drink not available elsewhere, the food at El Paisa is pretty good in general. Brian really likes their refried beans.

So have you guessed which plate was mine yet? I’ll give you a hint. I really should have read the paperwork that the doctor gave me during my surgery consultation because then I would have known what foods to avoid before my surgery. Oh, well. I’ll just have to eat clean tomorrow.

Besides, the paperwork said stop smoking. Darcy never did and she’s fine, so I guess you can’t believe everything that’s written on that paper. I don’t smoke, but I’m just saying, I’ll probably be okay even though I’ve been eating poorly over the last few days. I just have to remember to eat clean tomorrow.

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