Jenni’s Birthday Dinner at OTB


I got to meet some of my sister’s friends last weekend when we joined them at On the Border to celebrate her 23rd birthday. She’s really 32, but didn’t want to admit it that night so she transposed the numbers of her age in her favor. Sorry, Jen, but that trick won’t work next year. LOL.

UP NEXT: Obligatory food photos… because I don’t really take pictures of people. Ha! Darcy and I realized this the other day when we did a Google images search of my name “Ching Brubaker” and there was one picture of me and Brian and the rest were pictures of food. Can you guess which plate belonged to me? One, two, three, or four? Post your answer in the comments below.





On The Border on Urbanspoon

I almost forgot the linky link. Oops! Can’t do that. Must maintain our Urbanspoon ranking. LOL.

I forgot to check in at our house on FourSquare yesterday and Brian stole my mayorship. Whaaa!

But I digress… The food at OTB is decent. It doesn’t rank in my list of favorite restaurants, but I don’t mind their food. Plus, I always get the same thing anyway. I won’t tell you what dish I get because you’re supposed to guess it. I think people mostly go to OTB for drinks and for socializing, not so much for their phenomenal food. But, Los Cocos my favorite place for social drinking. You can’t beat $1.99 margaritas everyday.

The one thing that OTB has on Los Cocos is location, location, location. OTB is conveniently located at Bradley Fair and there’s not a Los Cocos in the Northeast part of town. Plus, it was Jenni’s birthday so she got to pick the restaurant. I didn’t mind OTB, but I hope she picks a different place next year.

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2 Responses to “Jenni’s Birthday Dinner at OTB”

  1. Jo Alonso wrote on December 1st, 2012 at 9:23 am

    I wish yours was no. 2. However, knowing you -it would have been #4.

  2. Ching wrote on December 1st, 2012 at 11:23 pm

    Mine was #2. Jenni had the steak quesadillas. You had us backwards. =P