Best Scooter’s Coffeehouse Ever




Brian and I both love Scooter’s Coffeehouse and we found a location in Overland Park that is a cut above the rest. The exterior didn’t seem like much, but it was quite cozy inside. It beats all of the Scooter’s Coffeehouse locations here in Wichita in terms of furnishings and decor.




Though there was only one bistro table a couple of chairs outside, the store had plenty of seating inside. And the interior partitions created some private areas.



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It’s not feasible for us to drive three hours just to go to this particular Scooter’s; however, we do find ourselves in the Kansas City and Overland Park area quite a bit. Now that we’ve found this Scooter’s on Antioch Road, we’ll go out of our way to go to this particular location for our coffee fix when we’re in the neighborhood.

The service was great, the coffee was tasty (they made my iced Twix even better than the ones they make at the Scooter’s in Andover, which is our favorite one here in town), and the store interior was cozy. I have nothing bad to say about this Scooter’s. In fact, I wish there were one exactly like it here in Wichita. Until then, at least we have this one. As an added bonus, I found out that some friends of ours live nearby. They need to invite us over so we can have an excuse to hit the Scooter’s. LOL.

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