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We did a lot of eating over the holiday weekend. As if the big Thanksgiving meal wasn’t enough. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory and then followed it up with some yummy noodles when we got back into town.

Did you know that Noodles & Company now servers pork? This is great news for a pork lover such as myself. Noodles has some really tender slow braised pork. We got to try it on a couple of dishes.


Brian got the Barbecue Pork Mac. We both really liked it. Except the bbq sauce was a little sweet. I think I would have like the dish better without it. Really good overall, though. The pork was very tender and had great flavor. Enough that you really don’t need the bbq sauce.


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I ordered the Bangkok Curry with the braised pork. What can I say? It was a curry kind of weekend for me. LOL.

The dish reminds me a lot of the Pad Thai because both consist of rice noodles. It is my favorite dish at Noodles. I usually get it with chicken. The difference between the Pad Thai and the Bangkok Curry is that the latter probably has more veggies. That, and the Pad Thai uses sweet chile vs. the sweet coconut curry flavor of the Bangkok Curry. Anyway, it tasted really good with the tender, slow braised pork. Now Noodles serves pork, I’ll probably go there more frequently. I love, love, love pork!

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