Midnight Meal at Bob Evans

Brian and I ate at Bob Evans at around midnight on Black Friday. It was a nicer, more quiet alternative to the nearby IHOP, which seems to always be really packed during Moonlight Magic at Legends Outlets.


Brian got biscuits and gravy with a side of home fries.


I got the farmer’s choice with a blueberry crepe, two fried eggs, three strips of bacon, and home fries. The eggs were disappointing. I asked for “over medium” and they were runny. I guess I should have asked for them to be fried hard per usual.


Bob Evans on Urbanspoon

Anyway, Bob Evans provided a nice quiet place for us to regroup during our annual Black Friday shopping expedition to Legends. Love, love, love Moonlight Magic! Although, I think this is our last one for a while. We’ve pretty much done the Black Friday thing at Legends for a few years now, and I think we’ve sufficiently gotten it out of our system. Next year, we’ll be sleeping in like normal people. LOL.

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