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Our Saturday Morning Routine

Posted on November 13, 2012 by under Food and Drink, Zumba.    

My favorite part of Saturday is teaching Zumba fitness class at Evergreen Rec Center and then coming home to a wonderful breakfast prepared by my even more wonderful husband. I think it’s Jenni’s favorite part of Saturdays too. I’m pretty sure that she only endures my Zumba class because she gets fed afterwards.

2012-11-10 11.39.46.jpg

Here’s what we had last weekend.

2012-11-10 11.39.20.jpg

This is a picture of Jenni taking a picture of her breakfast.

The weekend before last we had bacon and eggs and rice. Yes, always with rice because we love, love, love eating rice. We eat rice with EVERYTHING!

Oh, and Brian usually has to make three different kinds of eggs: fried hard for him, over medium for me, and sunny side up for Jenni.

2012-11-10 11.36.26.jpg

Except this last time he made a breakfast bowl for himself instead. Anyway, no breakfast after Zumba this weekend because we are going to Ben’s birthday party right after my Zumba class. Sorry, Jenni! Will you still give me a ride home, though?

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