Un Cuento Divertido

A friend of mine at work today brought over a card to sign for one of our coworkers who will be celebrating their 35th service anniversary on Wednesday.

ME: Wow! Can you believe it? 35 years is a long time. That’s awesome!
AMY: I know! WE weren’t even born yet!
ME: What is this WE stuff? You weren’t, but I was!
AMY: Cherrie! You’re not 35?! Are you? (I think she might have said something like, “You’re not THAT old!” LOL.)
ME: Today I’m not, but tomorrow I am.

I told Amy she made my day for thinking that I’m younger than I really am. LOL. Incidentally, one of our exercises in Spanish class today was to tell a funny story. Past tense is still a major challenge for me because there’s preterite and imperfect, so it took forever for me to relay this short funny story. I had to stop and translate everything before I could say it. What would have taken a minute to tell took five. We got through it though, and amazingly enough, my partner Angela understood most of the story despite my broken Spanish.

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"What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility."

~ Leo Tolstoy