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Brian and I drove to work separately yesterday because he was attending the HOA meeting and I was to go to Zumba. However, Darcy wasn’t feeling well so she left work early which gave me an excuse to be a slug and not workout after work. Since I wasn’t working out, Brian and I decided to meet up at Hana Cafe after work. It was my first time there since they remodeled. The place looks great.

2012-10-23 16.10.41.jpg

2012-10-23 16.11.48.jpg

2012-10-23 16.12.36.jpg

We made it in time for Happy Hour when they have some of the sushi items at half price. We got a California maki and a Hana maki.

2012-10-23 16.16.26.jpg

Brian wasn’t that hungry after the sushi, so he just had miso soup.

2012-10-23 16.25.09.jpg

My favorite thing to get at Hana ever since I’d been going back when they were still next to the old Eric Fisher Salon on Rock Road is the beef bi bim bab. It’s been a while since I’d had it so I ordered it, even though I was already somewhat full from the sushi. I just couldn’t resist.

2012-10-23 16.31.30.jpg

I like to eat it with teriyaki sauce instead of the regular red sauce they serve with it.

2012-10-23 16.32.28.jpg

I had red bean mochi for dessert. It was super yummy!

2012-10-23 16.54.45.jpg

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It was a delicious dinner. I ate way too much. So much that I figured I would probably vomit in the middle of Zumba class if I went. I decided to go home and attend the HOA meeting with Brian.

Since we drove separately, we decided to race (without speeding, of course — I didn’t speed, but I can’t speak for Brian — he probably tried to cheat) and see who could make it home first. Naturally, I won. LOL. But that’s because I was smart and cut across to First Street and got on the Canal Route from there. Brian went around to Saint Francis. He will blame his loss on a lot of things, including having to walk to the parking garage and getting stuck behind a slow-moving dually.

The HOA meeting took a lot longer than I thought it would. I’m glad it only happens twice a year. Even then, I don’t know that I ever want to attend again ever. I only felt like I had to go to keep Brian from acting like a douchebag. He actually behaved himself and the big question that he wanted addressed was asked by someone else. So he didn’t have to be the jerk who brought it up. LOL.

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3 Responses to “Hana Cafe”

  1. John Wilborn wrote on October 25th, 2012 at 12:07 am

    That place looks really good. Where is it exactly?

  2. Ching wrote on October 27th, 2012 at 7:59 am

    It’s in Old Town Square, where the Warren Theater is. If you are facing the movie theater, it will be to your left. Same side as Luca Italian Kitchen and Lucinda’s.

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