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Bringing The Wedding Gown Home

Posted on October 10, 2012 by under Life.    

Mom had been asking me when I was taking my wedding gown home over the last few weeks. She figured that she no longer had to store it for me now that we had plenty of storage space. I picked it up and finally brought it home over the weekend.

2012-10-07 11.10.52.jpg

I would take it out of the box for you guys, but it’s in a special wedding dress preservation box so I can’t take it out. Otherwise, the whole preservation magic spell will be broken. I actually wish I could take it out so I can try it on. I’m curious if I can fit in it again. Probably not but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Speaking of stuff stored at mom and dad’s, mom said we could take our old Christmas tree back also. I figured that I’d wait until Brian returned home to get it because the box might be too bulky. Mom said that the tree is pre-lit. I told her that I didn’t think our old tree is pre-lit. I hope she’s right, though. I wouldn’t mind getting a pre-lit tree because that means I won’t have to buy several strings of Christmas lights.

Brian doesn’t think that our old tree is pre-lit either, but we’ll take the pre-lit Christmas tree because it will make life easier for us. Anyway, we were trying to figure out what else we could have mom store so that we can get it back five times better. LOL.

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