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Food Truck Grand Slam

Posted on September 29, 2012 by under Food and Drink.    

I’d be lucky to spot a food truck every once in a while. Yesterday, I spotted three and ate from two. I got to eat an Air Capital cheesesteak sandwich with a side of homemade potato chips for lunch courtesy of work, which brought in B.S. Sandwich Press and Mmm Sandwiches as our reward for doing well over the summer.

2012-09-28 14.01.15.jpg

I would have taken pictures of my food, but I forgot my cellphone at my desk.

2012-09-28 19.28.37.jpg

Brian and I were in a food truck food kind of mood, so we caught The Flying Stove in Old Town Square after my Zumba class last night. As food trucks go, The Flying Stove is definitely the best. They have the most creative menu out of everyone.

2012-09-28 19.28.41.jpg

I had the Hawaiian Loco Moco, while Brian had the Japanese Chicken Karange. We also shared an order of truffle fries, which are not to be missed. It’s almost ilke The Flying Stove signature. They have the best fries in Wichita in my book.

Here’s a picture of our feast…

2012-09-28 19.34.20.jpg

My food was good, but I think Brian’s had better flavor. It reminded me of another dish that I’d tried before from their menu.

The one thing I will recommend, if you’ve not tried The Flying Stove or this new menu before, is to ask for the egg to be fried hard (if you don’t want it somewhat runny) and the burger patty to be well-done. Mine was still pinkish and Brian and I get pretty oogy about that. I still love, love, love The Flying Stove, though.

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