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Quiet Sunday at Flip and Ching’s

Posted on September 23, 2012 by under Life.    

It was a little chilly this morning so we decided to eat breakfast inside instead of eating breakfast out on the deck as we’d been doing the last couple of weekends. The iPad has actually come in quite handy because we can take our TV shows with us wherever we go. LOL.

2012-09-23 10.21.36.jpg

I made the rice. Brian made sausage and eggs.

2012-09-23 10.22.30.jpg

We spent the day doing chores and relaxing at home. In fact, I didn’t leave the house at all. Amie decided to take the day off and spend it with her boys so I took the day off as well. I didn’t work out at all today.

Not too much excitement happened, other than the frustration of setting up our wireless video surveillance system. We were super excited to get our FOSCAM working after a couple of hours of tinkering with it (okay so it was more like four hours) that we didn’t even bother to test its wireless capability. When we finally untethered it, we couldn’t get it to work. What good is a surveillance camera when it’s confined to the office because it’s wired? We need it to be wireless so we can put it in the middle of the house. Ugh. Maybe Brian can figure it out while I’m out of town tomorrow.

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