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Lazy Sunday

Posted on September 16, 2012 by under Things to Do.    

Brian and I rewarded ourselves with a lazy Sunday today because last Sunday was quite hectic, with Brian’s mom’s birthday lunch at Olive Garden and then we had to clean the old townhouse right after.

2012-09-09 16.28.40.jpg

Brian shampooed the high-traffic areas.


We were pretty satisfied with ourselves until we came back for our final walk through with Linda on Monday. We remembered to clean everything but the oven. We’re hoping to still get most of our deposit back, though.

2012-09-09 17.00.23.jpg

We weren’t lazy all day today, but we did take it easy after last weekend. We began our day by having a nice breakfast on the deck. We love being out there and listening to the fountain, even more so now that the HOA replaced the fountain with a bigger and better one. It even lights up at night.

2012-09-16 09.13.37.jpg

After breakfast I got busy with dishes, laundry, and unpacking a few remaining boxes and moving things around in my closet. I opted to skip the gym today because there was so much to do. It worked out because Brian wanted to get his hair cut after mowing the lawn.

2012-09-16 14.34.28.jpg

We decided to familiarize ourselves with the neighborhood by checking out a couple of nearby stores. There is an Asian market on Harry and Greenwich, which is really convenient. Dong Huong’s prices are quite higher than the prices at Thai Binh, but it’ll do in a pinch. Also, they have fried tilapia!

There’s also a liquor store in the same area, but I think we’ll still end up shopping at Groves. No one can really compete with their prices.

We got a little carried away with scouting the neighborhood and ended up on a couple of dirt roads. We did find our way eventually but Brian decided he wanted to go to Flint Hills National before going home. Lucky for us there was an open house today so we were able to enter the highly exclusive gated community.

2012-09-16 15.15.32.jpg

I’m really glad that Brian enjoys browsing open houses also. Most guys don’t. I’m fortunate that we get to enjoy it together.

2012-09-16 15.00.46.jpg

The terrace has to be my most favorite part of this house. It’s got a built-in grill and a grand fireplace that sits between two sets of French doors. It’s partially covered and is an amazing space for outdoor entertaining.

2012-09-16 15.01.59.jpg

This is the amazing laundry room with a sink for hand washing your delicates and plenty of counter space for folding clothes. Huge windows bring lots of daylight in also.

2012-09-16 15.03.58.jpg

This is a guest room with an en suite bath, but the built-in bookcases made us think this was meant to be an office or study. This is the bathroom that’s attached. I’m not sure why there’s a bow on the toilet seat cover. Brian thinks they do that so you don’t use it. I think it’s a bit strange.

2012-09-16 15.04.33.jpg

The great room is vast and has a fireplace at both ends.

2012-09-16 15.14.45.jpg

I loved the master bathroom. The chandelier just makes it look so elegant.

2012-09-16 15.08.14.jpg

Brian loved the shower. Who wouldn’t? It’s huge!

2012-09-16 15.06.28.jpg

This house has more fireplaces than most houses have rooms. This is the fireplace in the basement, which is just as grand as the ones on the main level.

2012-09-16 15.13.33.jpg

Speaking of basement, check out this bar.

2012-09-16 15.10.35.jpg

It’s amazing!

2012-09-16 15.11.19.jpg

Anyway, that was our fun for the afternoon. It was definitely a nice, leisurely Sunday compared to our previous weekend.

What about you? How did you spend your Sunday?

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