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Happy Holidays!

Posted on December 23, 2007 by under Family, Life.    

Well its that time of year again! The Holidays are upon us and the commercialization of a long standing religious tradition is once again blatantly thrown in our faces with TV spots, Radio ads and now Online Spam. The Christmas music has been playing since shortly after Halloween, the people flocked to the after Thanksgiving sales like the drones that they are, responding to the mass media that filled there brains weeks prior to the 2nd most commercialized holiday of the year. And now with one day left to shop the “Last Minute Sales” are flooding the airwaves enticing folks to spend even more money (that most of them do not have) to satisfy the cravings of friends and family all in the name of……..oh that’s right. Christmas isn’t about counting our blessings anymore, its not about family or tradition or spending time with loved one’s that may not have much time left on this good earth. No, its about products, selling, MONEY! I remember that when I was growing up, my family would look forward to Christmas not because it was a time to give gifts to everyone (we didn’t have a lot of money in those days and my parents did whatever they could and we were very grateful for what we got) but because it was one of the only times of the year that we would all get together as a family and spend a significant amount of time with each other. To this day we still hold that tradition strong. To us Christmas is about family, being thankful for the lives we have and for what we can share. I cringe every time around this year because I see more and more people falling out of this tradition and falling deeper and deeper into that pit that commercialization has dug in the souls of humanity. I weep for what the world brings, but in my heart I know that the family I have and the values we keep will hold us together through anything that life has to throw at us.

I hope that this makes you think and I wish everyone a very safe and Happy Holiday and a blessed New Year.

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Replies to "Happy Holidays!"


jody  on December 23, 2007

your post was very rewarding! christmas is truly family!

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