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Tapas at La Bodega

Posted on September 3, 2012 by under Food and Drink.    

Here are some pictures of our pre-concert tapas at La Bodega.

2012-08-31 18.20.14.jpg

The albondigas were much better than the first time I had them. I’m not sure if they just made them better this time, or if it’s because I finally figured out that the flavor is in the sauce. The meatballs are somewhat bland and flavorless by themselves, but the sauce is super delicious. So good that we asked for some bread to sop the rest up.

2012-08-31 18.21.02.jpg

We liked the patatas bravas from when Hideki ordered it the last time we were at the restaurant, so we got it this time. We had just enough food to be satisfied and not have to take any home (or back to the hotel).

2012-08-31 18.42.31.jpg

Since we just had tapas instead of full entrees, I figured that we could splurge on dessert. We got a slice of La Bodega’s chocolate tort (a flour-less cake). It was super yummy. Brian had a few bites, but I ate every bit of it. Check out the aftermath.

2012-08-31 18.47.41.jpg

La Bodega on Urbanspoon

La Bodega is one of my favorite restaurants in Leawood. What I love most about it is that you can get tapas, which is great if you don’t feel like eating a heavy meal. Also, they have great happy hour specials until 6 PM (half-priced tapas and half-priced pitchers of sangria). We missed it this time because we had to stop by Dick’s Sporting Goods to pick up ponchos for the concert. Brian didn’t want to drink anyway because the weather was making him feel uncomfortable. He doesn’t like driving in unfamiliar cities anyway, and he didn’t want to be impaired driving around that night. I’m glad I have such a responsible hubby.

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