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Taco Tinga

Posted on August 18, 2012 by under Food and Drink.    

2012-08-11 22.05.35.jpg

Brian and I found ourselves at Taco Tinga last weekend. There are few options late at night. The restaurant, which I had been curious about, just happened to be open.

Taco Tinga is located near Douglas and Hillside in the space formerly occupied by Dolci & Joe’s, Breezy’s before that, and Taco Tico even further back in the day. I’m not a huge Taco Tico fan so I never went back then. I missed going to Breezy’s and Dolci & Joe’s so I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to check it out before it eventually closes. Sorry, but this location doesn’t have a great track record. LOL.

2012-08-11 22.04.29.jpg

The concept is a lot like Chipotle. You basically build your own burritos, quesadillas, tacos etc. Although, I think Taco Tinga is more like Poblano in terms of food offering. The restaurant offers several good options including sopes, tamales, and fajita salad, but I was disappointed that I couldn’t order a bowl (which is what I normally get when I’m at Chipotle). The ladies at the counter were really nice, though. They let me make my “bowl” and just put it in a plate.

2012-08-11 21.53.14.jpg

Brian was unimpressed. LOL.

2012-08-11 21.57.38.jpg

Taco Tinga on Urbanspoon

I thought the food was just okay. It could be that we got there too late and the food had been sitting out there a while. Who knows? I found the carnitas too watery. Same with the rice. Then again, I’m partial to the cilantro lime rice served at Chipotle. Food issues aside, the restaurant offers a good value. You get plenty of food for the price, which I thought was more reasonable than Chipotle. Also the people are really helpful and super nice. I’m not running back to Taco Tinga, but I would give it another shot. Perhaps go around lunch time and see if the quality of the food is better then.

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  • Replies to "Taco Tinga"


    alysha  on August 29, 2012

    taco tinga is actually very good. i love there food and the two girls Bertha and Alicia are very nice.

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