Old Mill Tasty Shop

Pictures from our most recent trips to Old Mill Tasty Shop.

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If you’ve never been to Old Mill (on Douglas, near St. Francis) you’re missing out. It’s one of my favorite places to eat lunch downtown. And, best of all, they serve breakfast/brunch on Saturdays!

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What the restaurant looks like before the lunch rush. Be warned, as soon as people start piling in, it can get pretty loud inside the restaurant. Casual conversation quickly becomes more challenging. Although, I rarely ever talk when I’m trying to enjoy their delicious food so it’s all good.

2012-08-02 11.19.50.jpg

Brian waits for our food to arrive.

2012-08-02 11.25.16.jpg

The blue plate special on Thursdays: chicken fried chicken, with mashed potatoes, green beans, and cornbread muffin.

In case you’re wondering, the specials on the other days of the week are enchiladas on Mondays, Monterey on Tuesdays, lasagna on Wednesdays, meatloaf on Fridays, and sanchos on Saturdays. The restaurant is closed on Sundays.

2012-08-02 11.25.32.jpg

Brian’s hot ham and cheese on a kaiser roll with side of potato salad.

2012-08-02 11.26.17.jpg

Up close.

2012-08-02 11.26.55.jpg

Chocolate malt. Yum!

2012-08-02 11.45.28.jpg

My all-time favorite at Old Mill: the toasted chicken salad club.

2012-08-04 17.32.54.jpg

Old Mill special.

2012-08-04 17.48.41.jpg

Here’s my review for the Wichita Eagle.

2012-08-04 17.59.08.jpg

Old Mill Tasty Shop on Urbanspoon

The bottom line: this place should be on everyone’s “must try” list. It’s one of the best diners around these parts. There’s lots to love from their delicious dishes, satisfying sandwiches, and super yummy desserts. Also, they serve old fashioned malts and fountain soda. Where else can you get that in Wichita?

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