The Donut Whole

I’d eaten donuts from the Donut Whole before, but I had never been until yesterday. It’s actually a cool, little place. And they have free wifi, which is a bonus.

2012-07-29 09.24.58.jpg

We had the triple chocolate, chocolate crunch, chocolate malt, and maple bacon. They were all delicious in their own way. The maple bacon flavor was a little weird, though. It’s not bad, but I doubt I would get it again.

2012-07-29 09.25.42.jpg

I got a yummy hot chocolate with whipped cream to go with my donuts.

2012-07-29 09.28.39.jpg

Logan got a small hot chocolate with no whipped cream.

2012-07-29 09.29.49.jpg

He hardly drank any of it, though.

2012-07-29 09.30.23.jpg

Brian had coffee. He liked it even though it was different than the coffee that he’s used to at Scooter’s.

2012-07-29 09.33.41.jpg

Here’s a photo of me biting into the maple bacon donut.

2012-07-29 09.38.48.jpg

Logan and Brian.

2012-07-29 09.39.39.jpg

Logan and me.

2012-07-29 09.43.17.jpg

The Donut Whole on Urbanspoon

I really like the Donut Whole. Not only are their donuts delicious, but they have good hot chocolate. And they have quirky decorations. And free wifi. And it’s just a fun place to hang out. I would totally go back and try some of the other donut flavors. What do you guys think I should try next? Leave suggestions in the comments down below.

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