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Brian Gets a Haircut

Posted on July 22, 2012 by under Tips.    

2012-07-21 08.40.22.jpg

Brian got his haircut at Great Clips yesterday. I normally don’t go with him because I like to do Group Power right before Zumba on Saturday mornings. However, I was being a slacker yesterday so I decided to hangout with Brian at the hair place.

The work stations at Great Clips are divided by these colorful sails. It makes me think of sailing. Don’t know whose idea that was, but it’s pretty creative.

2012-07-21 08.46.42.jpg

Brian has been going to the same Great Clips location for several years now. He loves it because they know the kind of cut he wants and he says he always gets great service. The best part is their mobile app. Brian loves it because it keeps your place in line for up to two hours. He checks in on the mobile app and then gets right in at the salon when he shows up. There could be dozens of people waiting in line, but he doesn’t have to wait. It’s pretty neat. He usually gets lots of evil looks from the people waiting to get their haircut, but it’s not his fault they didn’t use the mobile app. LOL. We love, love, love businesses that embrace technology.

Here’s today’s tip: If you’re going to get a haircut and you’re not partial to a particular salon, consider going to Great Clips. Their mobile app works great!

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  • Replies to "Brian Gets a Haircut"


    Great Clips  on July 23, 2012

    Thanks for the nice post, we’re so glad your husband (and you) are Great Clips fans!


    coupons for great clips  on July 28, 2012

    Great post!Great clips is really good place for nay kind of haircut its so good that you cna get any type of look you want.


    Greatclips locations | Seken  on July 28, 2012

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