Logan’s Birthday Dinner

Here are a few pictures from Logan’s birthday dinner at Kobe last night.

2012-07-13 17.44.11.jpg

2012-07-13 17.42.23.jpg

2012-07-13 17.38.57.jpg

2012-07-13 17.47.28.jpg

2012-07-13 17.59.03.jpg

Kobe Steak House of Japan on Urbanspoon

We had a wonderful dinner at Kobe. The Cannadys bought our dinner, which I felt bad about. We tried to pay our bill, but Jen quickly snagged it. At least we were still able to use our Groupon so our check was only $16 after gratuity. Neither Brian nor I drank last night so that helped to keep our bill to a minimum. Besides that, I think the prices are Kobe at pretty reasonable. I certainly think the restaurant offers a better value than Sumo. The only downside is that they no longer serve sushi. They offer a variety of appetizers, but no sushi. Maybe there just wasn’t enough demand for it in Derby. Who knows?

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