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Eli Finds His Way Home

Posted on July 14, 2012 by under Family, Videos.    

We met up with the Cannadys, mom, dad, Jenni, and a few of Logan’s friends at Kobe for Logan’s birthday dinner last night. Logan is growing up so fast. The days of Chuck E. Cheese birthday parties are long gone. He’s at that age now that he just wants to hang out with his friends. He’s still very polite and he is a well-behaved, well-mannered kid, but he doesn’t want as much to do with Brian and me.

Lucky for us, he has two younger brothers for us to dote on. Eli is at that perfect age. Young children between ages four and nine just adore Brian. Maybe because mentally they’re all the same age? Who knows?

Last night Eli wanted to sit next to Brian. We remember when he was a baby, up until the age of two or three, he wanted nothing to do with us. At dinner, he asked to sit next to Brian and still moved next to him after we played musical chairs with Jenni. It was so sweet.

Anyway, we were talking about having the boys over one weekend and he seemed to love the idea. So I jokingly asked if he wanted to spend the night at our house that night. Uh oh. Boo boo on my part, because that started him begging to stay with us. His mom explained that it’s Logan’s birthday and they were having a sleepover. He was getting pretty persistent and I was getting really worried that I was in trouble with his mom and dad for giving him the idea, but he eventually came to his senses. He asked his mom if we could at least give him a ride back to their house. He came up with that compromise on his own. None of the grownups suggested it. That’s one of the things I love best about the Cannady boys. They are smart. Kudos to the parents for raising such reasonable kids.

The drive from the restaurant to their house was quite entertaining. We wanted to test if Eli could find his way home so we let him sit in the front passenger seat and navigate us. I’m so glad I captured it in on video. We are going to enjoy this for years to come. (Sorry, Eli, but you are just too cute.)

Hansel and Gretel ain’t got nothin’ on this kid. Who needs bread crumbs when you can memorize the bumps on the road?

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