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You Can Learn Anything Through YouTube

Posted on July 11, 2012 by under Confessions, Health, Videos.    

2012-07-06 20.17.04.jpg

I have a confession to make. I don’t know how to swim. Brian and I had the pool to ourselves on Friday night, so we took advantage of the opportunity for him to teach me how to swim. Wanna know how he did it? He did it by showing me a video on YouTube kind of like the one below.

This is proof that you can learn anything through YouTube. LOL.

2012-07-08 17.14.37.jpg

When Jay and Misty were hanging out with us at the pool on Sunday and I was telling Jay about Brian teaching me how to swim, Jay argued that I actually knew how to swim already since I can float backwards, dog paddle and tread water. I told him I knew enough not to drown, but I didn’t know how to “swim” swim. He said that not drowning is swimming. If I didn’t know how to swim then I would drown. He explained that I didn’t know how to “freestyle” or do other swimming strokes, but that I actually knew how to swim.

I never had formal swimming lessons though (unless you count Brian showing me a video of a guy swimming on YouTube as a swimming lesson), and my idea of swimming is actually doing specific strokes. Not just treading water or dog paddling or floating backwards, which is something that I do when I get worn out.

Anyway, I need some more practice but I’m pretty sure that I’ll know how to swim for real by the end of summer. Not swimming in the way that Jay thinks, but really swimming like being able to freestyle and stuff. I’m super excited. I can’t wait to be able to swim laps. I hear it’s pretty good exercise.

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