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Meeting Divina’s Fiance

Posted on November 19, 2002 by under Life.    

I finally got a chance to meet Divina’s fiance.  He’s a really beautiful person and he gave her a really beautiful ring.  There’s a slim chance of him selecting the wrong ring if you help him pick it out.  He’s only twenty-five (three years younger than Brian) but he is very mature for his age.  For instance, he has foregone the whole video-game addict pitfall to travel the world.  And well-travelled he is..  (Whoa!  I just sounded like Yoda.) 

He’s visited more places than I could even dream of and, to top it off, he and Divina are visiting the Philippines together next month.  She’s taking him to meet her mom in Tondo. I can’t say that I am not the slightest bit jealous.  I’ve been hoping to take Brian home to meet Mama Iyay for the longest time.  We were hoping that 2004 would be the magic year, but the forecast is grim.  Mom and dad are going home to Tanjay right after Christmas (December 26 is when their flight leaves, as a matter of fact) and they said that it will be another two years before they intend to return.  I hope they are not serious because their trip is technically in the realm of 2003 travels and two years from then is 2005. 

We were all really hoping that we all could fly home together as a family, as in go on the trip all at the same time.  Perhaps there is someway that we can classify this trip as still 2002, we can weasel a trip back in 2004 (even if it is during the later part of the year).

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