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MIF Deli – So Good You Have to Try It

Posted on June 21, 2012 by under Food and Drink, Reviews.    

2012-06-16 11.25.03.jpg

I’m so glad that the Wichita Eagle finally published my review of MIF Deli because I’ve been dying to tell you guys about it. It’s super awesome! Before we dive into that though, here are some photos to whet your appetite.

2012-06-16 11.28.43.jpg

2012-06-16 11.36.23.jpg

I asked Brian to take a couple of bites out of his pita sandwich so we can take a picture of it. Look at all the chicken they put in this thing! They don’t short you on chicken. That’s for sure!

2012-06-16 11.37.07.jpg

Brian likes to dunk his pita in the tomato soup before taking a bite. I guess it’s better that was or something. Like milk and cookies or donuts and coffee?

2012-06-16 11.38.11.jpg

Another close up shot of the food. Why? Because we love food porn.

2012-06-16 11.41.33.jpg

Here’s a close up shot of my curry chicken on pita.

2012-06-16 11.41.46.jpg

I’m going to eat this as a salad next time because it is super delicious. Anyway, the restaurant is a cozy, little mom and pop joint on Central and Edgemoor, next to McDonald’s. I’m surprised that McDonald’s is still in business, actually. Why on God’s earth you would eat there when you have MIF Deli next door is beyond me.

2012-06-16 11.26.04.jpg

2012-06-16 11.31.57.jpg

M.I.F Deli on Urbanspoon

FourSquare lists MIF Deli as Turkish, which I thought was odd because the owner is actually Lebanese. Then again, Greek, Turkish, and Lebanese food have many similarities. I’m actually not quite sure that my palette is trained enough to tell the subtle nuances between the three. I think the name says it all. MIF stands for Mediterranean International Foods. The restaurant offers Greek and Turkish items. I’m sure many of the menu items that I’m thinking are Greek or Turkish have that Lebanese flair that punches it up a notch.

Brian and I tried the restaurant for the first time after our workout on Saturday. It was really good because I felt like I was eating somewhat healthy and, thus, not thoroughly negating the workout that I had just sweat through. I craved it again the next day but, alas, the restaurant is closed on Sunday.

As you know, Brian and I have hectic schedules throughout the week so the next opportunity to return won’t present itself until this weekend. I have some MIF Deli in my future on Saturday. LOL.

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