Tres Leches at Sabor

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And the trend of poor eating continues at Sabor where we celebrated Marielkis’ birthday. I’m pretty sure that, besides blowing our alcohol and bar budget for the month, we’ve also blown our food and restaurant budget already. LOL.

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We had fun celebrating with Marielkis and her friends, though. We met some really cool people the other night. And, I got to practice speaking some Spanish, which was a huge bonus.

Sabor has been a favorite of ours for several years. It’s not as great as when Chef Jason was there, but it’s still one of the best restaurants in Wichita. It’s a great place for a date or dinner with with friends. We had our favorites the other night: platanutres, sancocho soup with fire roasted chicken (super yummy), adobo pork with both orange garlic mojo and fiery habaƱero mojo, and tres leches. The tres leches at Sabor is super delicious. I’m sure it’s really bad for you (health wise), but it’s not to be missed. Just share it with someone so you don’t feel as guilty. Brian and I shared a slice, but I think I ended up eating most of it. LOL.

Feliz cumpleaƱos a Marielkis! Thanks for inviting us to celebrate your day with you!

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