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We’ve been really bad this month. Brian and I haven’t done groceries, so there’s nothing to take to work for lunches. I was thinking that we could just pick something up from Walkway Cafe, the cafeteria that’s inside our building, but Brian suggested Thai House at the last minute. I love Thai House, so I immediately agreed. I called in the order, and he went to pick it up.

2012-06-08 11.44.09.jpg

Brian got his favorite, #12. It’s Thai-style fried rice with chicken. He ordered it mild to medium, but it tasted more like medium to me. I’m a pansy, though.

2012-06-08 11.43.36.jpg

I used the opportunity to try #11, Lad Nha Thai House. The last time we were there, one of the other customers was eating it and it looked delicious. He actually let me take a picture of his food.

Thai House

Thai House on Urbanspoon

The dish is served with noodles so it looks like the dish pictured above. Mine looks different because I asked for it with rice instead of noodles. What can I say? I love eating rice. I’m sure it’s equally delicious either way.

The next thing I want to try is #17, Khao Lad Nha Kai. It’s chicken, mushroom, bamboo shoots, and assorted vegetables stir-fried together and served over rice. It sounds like something I would enjoy eating so I’ve decided that it’s what I be ordering on our next trip to Thai House.

Their yellow curry, #23, is not as good as Thai Tradition’s but I’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve had so far. Plus, with almost everything priced around $6.35, Thai House offers a great value. It’s an excellent option if you’re wanting something good, quick, and relatively inexpensive. I highly recommend Thai House for those of you who haven’t tried it yet.

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