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Brian Saves a Turtle

Posted on June 9, 2012 by under Life.    

Brian is awesome. He’s an animal hero. A few weeks ago he rescued a snake from being pummeled to death with a shovel. Had it not been for Brian who took the snake and released in into a nearby field, my dad would have killed it.

We came across another stray reptile last weekend. This time it was a turtle that was crawling on the pavement at the back entrance of our apartment complex. Not sure how it ended up on the hot concrete pavement. I think it might have gotten disoriented from the recent storm.

2012-06-03 16.39.14.jpg

Brian and I decided to stop and help it because we weren’t sure that it could make it back to the creek that separates our apartment complex from the retirement home next door. I think that’s probably where it came from before the storm blew it away from home. Plus, we didn’t want to the poor guy to get run over.

Here’s a picture of the little guy.

2012-06-03 16.40.31.jpg

I think he was scared because he crawled back into his shell. Brian had to hold him with one of the eco bags from our trunk because he had really long finger nails. Can you see them?

2012-06-03 16.41.34.jpg

We couldn’t get as close to the creek as we wanted to because the ground was very muddy. We pointed him in the direction that he needed to go, though.

2012-06-03 16.42.45.jpg

You can barely see him in this next photo.

2012-06-03 16.43.49.jpg

You know, we felt like we did something good by putting the turtle back near water, but part of me was thinking, “What if he intended to cross the road?”

Brian was like, “I know. The poor guy is probably cussing us right now thinking, You asshole! It took me a month just to get that far. Now it will take me three times as long to get to where I’m going!” We both laughed. We had good intentions, though.

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