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Our Night at the Opry

Posted on June 3, 2012 by under Travel.    

The problem with giving someone their birthday present early is that by the time their birthday rolls around, they’ve already forgotten that you’ve already given them their gift. Apparently, taking him to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN and putting him up at a luxurious resort isn’t enough. I still owe Brian dinner and a birthday movie next weekend. LOL. Perhaps I should have booked our stay at a Super 8.

Anyway, here are some more pictures from our night at the Opry.



Little Jimmy Dickens performed and also hosted the first segment of the show.


Jimmy Newman performed next, followed by Greg Bates.


I really liked Greg Bates. He is not only talented, but he is also good looking.


We had great seats. I thought so, anyway. Of course, I bought the tickets months in advance. But that’s because I’m crazy and always do things ahead of time.


Little Jimmy Dickens did a great job of hosting. I hope I’m as sharp as him when I’m his age (91). He’s quite an entertainer.


The next segment was hosted by Mike Snider, who was hilarious!


The Opry House was packed that night.


I believe this is Jim Ed Brown. Honestly, I had no idea who these people were until last weekend. Neither Brian nor I are fans of country music. We are fans of the Grand Ole Opry, though. They could play anything in that auditorium (even Pants on the Ground, Pants on the Ground, Lookin’ like a Fool with your Pants on the Ground) and it would sound amazing. LOL.


Jason Crabb.


Here are some more pictures of me and Brian.


Jeannine Sealy hosted the next segment.


The Whites.


I really liked The Grascals. I think it’s because their style is more like folk music and bluegrass. While I don’t like country music that much, I actually like bluegrass. I loved the “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack.


The Riders in the Sky were really funny too.


Bobby Osborne and the Rocky Top X-Press.


Rascal Flatts.


I should have gotten up to the stage to take better photos, except almost everyone got up there as soon as Rascal Flatts started performing. They were supposed to take a photo and then go back to their seats, but these people never left.


I found this program in my purse the next day while we were waiting for our flight home at the Nashville airport. I’m so glad that I took a photo of it because I never would have remembered who all the performers were. Not being country music fans, they were all unfamiliar to both Brian and me. The only name we recognized in our line up was Rascal Flatts.

2012-05-27 13.53.43.jpg

Rascal Flatts put on a really good show. It’s a shame that they only did three songs. I would love to watch them perform the rest of their songs, specially the more mainstream ones, in concert some day.

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