Afternoon in Nashville



Downtown Nashville is very lively. Even in the early afternoon, there’s live music playing in almost every bar. You could hear the music out on the street as you walked by. We also saw lots of interesting street musicians.

2012-05-26 15.02.14.jpg

I’m not the only one who takes pictures of EVERYTHING.

2012-05-26 15.12.53.jpg


Biker bar? 😉

2012-05-26 15.20.58.jpg

Tourists outside the Wildhorse Saloon.

2012-05-26 16.23.09.jpg

Wildhorse Saloon sign.

2012-05-26 16.23.44.jpg

Buy 1 Get 2 FREE on boots. Wow!


Brian waiting for the Gaylord Opryland shuttle.

2012-05-26 16.26.12.jpg

Don’t let that face fool you. We had a great time walking around Nashville. We even found him some Thai fisherman pants at Earthbound.

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