Bobby D’s in Emporia, Kansas

2012-05-16 13.22.58.jpg

I had the opportunity to eat at Bobby D’s for the first time after our meeting in Emporia yesterday. So glad that Roger recommended it because their food is tasty. Here are some pictures to make your mouth water…

2012-05-16 13.43.08.jpg

Darcy and Jan both had pulled pork.

2012-05-16 13.42.27.jpg

I normally order pulled pork at most BBQ places, but I opted for the brisket this time because it had rave reviews on FourSquare. It was delicious. I didn’t regret ordering it.

2012-05-16 13.43.56.jpg

I also ordered the cheesy potatoes because it’s one of their specialties, or so the menu indicated. It was pretty yummy. We had lunch so late and I ate so much that I didn’t feel like eating dinner last night. LOL. Oh, well.

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One Response to “Bobby D’s in Emporia, Kansas”

  1. Jodi wrote on June 28th, 2012 at 11:29 am

    Thank you for visiting us. Your pictures turned out great. Glad to see you love BBQ as much as we do!