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Omni Fort Worth

Posted on April 13, 2012 by under Travel.    

Gotta have my Scooter's fix before I leave!

I had to go to Texas for work this week, but I couldn’t leave town without stopping by Scooter’s for an ice twix latte. Damn you, Gina Ann, for getting me hooked on Scooter’s lattes!

2012-04-09 17.32.05.jpg

It was my first time at Omni Fort Worth so, naturally, I had to take a bunch of pictures.

2012-04-09 17.32.59.jpg

The bed was pretty comfy; though not quite as comfy as my own bed. The shower was quite spacious and I liked the rain head.

2012-04-09 18.02.53.jpg

2012-04-10 20.04.37.jpg

I loved the floor to ceiling windows, which offered some great views.

2012-04-10 19.59.30.jpg

2012-04-10 20.00.10.jpg

2012-04-10 20.00.49.jpg

This is the chair in my room that I never used.

2012-04-10 20.03.08.jpg

Here’s a photo of the roof-top terrace.

2012-04-11 15.11.40.jpg

Brian and I Skyped each other every night of the trip.

2012-04-09 20.46.27.jpg

He even read a chapter from The Hunger Games to me one night.

2012-04-09 20.43.18.jpg

I loved looking at the city lights at night.

2012-04-10 05.29.04.jpg

My favorite part of staying at the Omni is their awesome turn down service, which actually freaked me out at first. I came back to my room one night to find my curtains shut, the TV on and tuned to a channel showing calming images and relaxing ambient sounds, my robe on the bed that was turned down as shown in the photo.

2012-04-10 19.54.43.jpg

I knew that I had left my curtains open and my TV off so I was thinking I was in the wrong room at first. However, as soon as I saw the bed, I realized it was the turn down service. I think this is by far the best turn down service I’d ever encountered. I’d had other turn down service before where they leave chocolate mints on your pillow but, since I wear braces, I wouldn’t eat them anyway. I’d have to take my braces off, eat the chocolates, brush my teeth, and put my braces back on. It wouldn’t be worth it. I did throughly enjoy the wonderful turn down service, though. I’d come to look forward to it each night upon returning to my room.

I told Brian that, as much as I was looking forward to coming home, I really didn’t want to leave because of how much they spoil you at the hotel. Brian was like, “I’m not turning down your bed at night!” LOL. =P

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