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McAlister’s Deli

Posted on November 10, 2006 by under Flickr, Food and Drink.    


Brian and I finally got to try McAlister’s Deli. Their restaurant reminds me of Jason’s Deli. The prices are about the same.

They are located on Rock Road where Hana Cafe and Red Beans used to be. They took over both units and converted it into one. There’s plenty of room inside. Their process is a lot like Jason’s Deli except they have multiple registers instead of only one.

The food offerings are pretty similar except Jason’s Deli offers better quality fruit and has a salad bar. Brian also wanted me to mention the free dessert from the autodog. That’s what Brian calls their frosty machine because frosty comes out of the spout like dog poop. I’m not sure if that’s the official name for it but that’s what Brian has always called it.

Anyway, our food was good. Brian had the Spud Max and he really liked it. I had a chicken salad wrap just because that is why I usually get everywhere else and that’s how I compare different places. So far the Upper Crust is in the lead. They have the best chicken salad sandwich (and chicken salad period) in Wichita. McAlister’s chicken salad wrap is pretty good too but what I really liked was my Kentucky pie. It’s pecan pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream covered with whipped cream and drizzed all over with chocolate syrup. It was yummy!

Anyway, the place is pretty nice and the food is good. I wouldn’t mind going there again. You all should try McAlister’s Deli if you haven’t already.

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Replies to "McAlister’s Deli"


Jenni  on November 21, 2006

Hey Brian called about my birthday, here’s the DL. We can have another brunch at Legends this Sunday but I have to work after. We could have dinner at Mom’s on my next days off, either tomorrow (short notice) or the 28th and 29th but you might have class. I do have a four day weekend starting on Dec 1st to Dec 4th if you guys want to postpone. Let Ray know because he asked and I had no answer. P.S. I can always get my present early I don’t mind. =D

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