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Thanksgiving Plans

Posted on November 10, 2006 by under Family, Flickr, Food and Drink.    


For the first time in years Brian and I are on our own for Thanksgiving (his parents who usually host Thanksgiving will be visiting Aunt Verna in Houston). You’d think, having been married for over four years and as old as we are, that we would have plenty of experience hosting Thanksgiving. Sadly, though we thought we were the entertaining type years ago, we realized we don’t like to entertain at all. Thus, our house is often in grave disarray and not in the best form to accept visitors.

I tried to see if mom would mind hosting Thanksgiving dinner. After all, her house is perfect for parties. There’s lots of room for everyone, their home is beautiful and always picture perfect, and mom is a consummate host. She even has all the fancy chaffing dishes and stuff. Alas, mom already had Thanksgiving plans. Because we’ve never really celebrated Thanksgiving (there’s no Thanksgiving holiday in the Philippines) we just treat it like any other day. As it turns out, Tita Beverly is having a fancy soireé for her 50th birthday on this very day. So mom and dad are out. Back to the drawing board we go.

Brian, the loving grandson that he is, wanted to make Thanksgiving as normal as possible for his grandparents. So in keeping with tradition, his idea is to spend Thanksgiving at his parents’ house (just as we’d done year after year). He wanted to buy all the food ingredients and make Thanksgiving there.

Me, being the paranoid, neurotic freak that I am, think idea not so good. My concern is that people expect to celebrate Thanksgiving, not die of food-poisoning. Brian can bake. I will grant him that but cooking is not really his forte. Seriously, though, it sounded like a lot of work and, having a lot on my plate myself, I didn’t want to burden Brian with the whole planning and preparation himself. Since I wouldn’t be much help, I thought maybe we could go somewhere and eat. Jan and Bree mentioned they’d dined at Spears for Thanksgiving before and that wasn’t bad. The new TGI Fridays is doing a Thankgiving thing which might actually be cool. Their marketing slogan is “Why stuff your turkey when you can stuff your face?” I thought it was funny so I actually considered it. I’m not averse to stuffing my face and am actually pretty good at doing it.

Brian didn’t like the idea of eating out because it goes against our tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving at home. I’m always full of ideas so I threw my next one (I have many ideas about various things, you’ll run out of bullets first trying to shoot them all down) at him: Picadilly. Ready made Thanksgiving dinner. All you gotta do is heat it up. It’s going to cost about $100 (more or less, I doubt it will cost us more than $200) to feed about six people (we are thinking of inviting Chad and Feifel since they are single and we don’t think they have any family around here besides us) but we won’t actually have to cook anything. Amazingly enough, Brian went for this idea. Brian gets his traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I get to eat edible food. Dr. Graham says this is called collaboration (win-win outcome for everyone) not compromise and so this outcome is actually better. Who would have thought I’d be able to use classroom knowledge in the real world?

Kidding aside, that’s the plan so far. Unless something comes up and we have to make a revision. How about you? How will you be spending Thanksgiving this year?

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Replies to "Thanksgiving Plans"


Jen  on November 11, 2006

2 dinners, one for 50 that’s traditional. And one for 20 that’s mexican. And I’m cooking both! Loving it!


Ching  on November 11, 2006

Holy cow! That’s a lot of cooking! I wish I shared your passion for cooking. I think that would really stress me out.

Anyway, I hope both events turn out wonderfully. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday! 🙂


Ching  on November 22, 2006

Other restaurants that are open on Thanksgiving Day are Stroud’s and Olive Tree. If you would like a no fuss Thanksgiving. There you go. Have a good one!

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