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Movies to Remake

Posted on November 8, 2006 by under Life, Movies, Wishlist.    

In this day and age it’s obvious that imagination has lost its spark. The muse that once was all around us has gone and we are left with remakes of films that at there conception, were considered to be fabulous! Here is a list of the top ten movies that I would love to see remade in my life time;

10. Planet of the Apes Saga.
I know that they have already made one of the films but I think in the next few years they should remake the rest of them. The original was considered to be a great film with great effects and makeup that was outstanding for its time. It gave us a glimpse of what the world would be like if evolution took a twisted turn.

9. Death Race 2000.
This was, even for its time, a rather cheesy film. It focused around a deadly car race that was considered to be the greatest sport in National History. It was a game that involved racing across specific zones, the more pedestrians you hit the more points you rack up. David Carradine was the bad guy with a grenade for a hand. But this could easily be redone with modern graphics and a perked up story line. Think “Fast and the Furious” meets “Commando”.

8. 2001 / 2010.
Now everyone is probably ready to jump through there computers and strangle me. But give me a chance. I do not want to change a thing on these films. They were what I considered to be Iconic films of there time and they were even better books. I just think that if we are going to move into an age of remakes, let’s remake something that was considered to be outstanding even it is day. Just imagine the imagery that we can create from redoing these movies with today’s computer graphics and make-up artist.

7. American Graffiti.
Now this was an Iconic Movie. It was a great story that touched the minds and hearts of people that lived through this era. It sparked the imaginations of young people that didn’t live in the era but listened to mom and dad talk to them about how it was “In My Day”. I think with today’s story writers and the new and up and coming actors that would clamor to get there place in what would be “The Next Great Movie”.

6. The NeverEnding Story (1 and 2).
This was a great show for young kids. I know that I am my wife both grew up with this show to watch. However, as time passes this is a show that the new generation of children won’t grow up with. It focuses on a young child with a magical book that sets the course of life for a character within the book itself. The journey for the character in the book and the young boy itself is life altering. Oh! Did I mention that there’s a flying dragon dog too.

5. Labyrinth.
Jim Henson did a great job with the characters and animatronics in the movie, and who can forget David Bowie’s singing. Just think of what it would be like with today’s technology and musical talent.

4. Legend.
Now this would be a fun one to remake. Tome cruise couldn’t be in it because he’s too dammed old now. But when this was made he was just a kid. For its time the story and the special effects were outstanding. And the one thing that everyone remembers the most is Tim Curry’s outstanding performance as the Dark Lord. I myself have a statue of him, created by Todd McFarlane Toy’s, in my living room.

3. Mad Max Saga.
When I was growing up I thought this was the coolest series of movies ever made. It was a great story with the greatest effects and it just made you want to have the world end tomorrow so you could pick up this life. I think that with today’s actors and the special effects that would be needed to do this movie justice. This would be one of the coolest remakes ever.

2. Spartacus.
Now I know that some of you are saying, come on! Why this movie. Well think about all the great gladiator movies that have come out recently. You got “Gladiator”, “Troy” and “Alexander” to name just a few. For its time in the 60’s this film was a masterpiece. Now think of the remake that could be made. Think of the story writers that could tweak this film and the CG and special effects that would make it the greatest gladiator movie in history.
And finally we come to my number one choice for a movie to be remade. Let me first say that I have been following stories of its proposed remake for many years. If it finally gets done it will be (hopefully) one of the coolest remakes to date.

1. Flash Gordon.
This by far is one of the coolest movies I have ever seen. It might be because I am a super comic book geek or it could be because the story line just sparks my imagination of a life that I would love to have. Who hasn’t dreamed of traveling to a far off land and fighting an evil tyrant to then free and entire galaxy! I have loved this movie since I first saw it and I think I will never tire of it. It is one of the only movies to date to not be produced on DVD. I’m telling you the truth, look it up for yourself. It has never been produced on DVD. The original TV series has been released, the VHS has been released and if you look hard enough you can find people that have taken the VHS version and made there own (illegal) copied onto DVD. But the film itself has never been produced, re-mastered or released on DVD. The cult following of this alone makes it my pick for a remake. And the cast that would play it would be outstanding. I’m thinking that for this film we would need an entire cast of fresh faces. The story would need to follow the original but with a darker twist and the special effects (I can see lots of CG) would be off the charts. For these reasons and so much more Flash Gordon is my number one pick for a movie remake.

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