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Halloween 2011

Posted on November 1, 2011 by under Life.    

2011-10-29 20.23.46.jpg

This is Jenni’s single-mom-putting-herself-through-law-school costume. Don’t ask. She is the one who called it that. =P

2011-10-29 21.13.21.jpg

She definitely attracted a lot of attention that night. LOL.

2011-10-29 21.16.41.jpg

Brian and I were lazy and dressed as “Zumba enthusiasts” for the evening. It was easy because we didn’t have to create or buy any costumes. We just grabbed stuff from our workout drawers. It was a total flop, though.

This one drunk girl was like, “You look so comfortable. I hate you!” I smiled and replied, “I am comfortable. Why aren’t you in costume?” She was like, “Why aren’t YOU?” I thought, “This IS my costume!” LOL. So that was lame. I vowed that Brian and I will come up with something creative next year.

2011-10-29 21.27.58.jpg

Doug and me.

2011-10-29 21.32.12.jpg

Brian’s arms are looking really good!


The Coles get so into Halloween. They had a graveyard in their front yard!











Andrea as Lila.


Fry and Lila and their baby owl.


Obligatory “Zumba girls” photo.


Gina Ann and Coley’s yard looks really creepy at night.

The costume we wore to the Cole’s party was recycled from 2008.

Fw: Pics

For work on Monday, I recycled a costume from 2003 and dressed as an Asian emo girl. It’s kind of hard when you have to come up with five different costumes.

2011-10-31 07.06.53.jpg

Some of the costumes at work…

2011-10-31 09.11.40.jpg

2011-10-31 09.47.41.jpg

2011-10-31 10.51.53.jpg

Darcy didn’t dress up at work, but she showed me a picture of her and Bobby as zombies at their party on Saturday night.

Fw: My Pics

The final costume I had to wear this year was for Mitzi’s group power class. I was in 80’s attire because I was lazy and it’s easy to workout in. Mitzi was in jazzercise, complete with thong-back leotard and leg warmers!

2011-10-31 18.35.15.jpg

A few others came in costume…

2011-10-31 18.36.06.jpg

Alright. I think that’s it for the Halloween pics round up. Until next year!

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