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Gift Bag from the Call Center School

Posted on October 16, 2011 by under Free Stuff.    

All conference participants received goodie bags from the Call Center School. It actually startled me because I didn’t notice it when I first came back to my room. It was only after I went to the restroom that I noticed the insulated lunch box on the chair. I was like, “Am I in the wrong room? My stuff is in here. This is my room. Has someone been in my room?” I immediately called Carmen to find out if she got the same lunch box. It was only then that I felt better. LOL.

The gift bag was spot on. They gave us the best chocolates. The GooGoo Cluster and the Colts Bolts were awesome. I haven’t tried any of the others yet. It worked out great for Carmen because they included some gum in there, which she wanted, but they don’t sell any on hotel property. The Jack Daniels was a nice surprise, too. I haven’t drank mine yet. 😉

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