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Viega Paintball Outing 2011

Posted on October 1, 2011 by under Events.    

I consulted my What to Wear, Where: The How-to Handbook for Any Style Situation book for advice on what to wear to paintball today. No such luck. I ended up throwing on a pair of Levi’s jeans that I don’t really care about because they’re now too big for me, my red Boston Red Sox t-shirt, my Viega OCC long-sleeved shirt and then Brian’s camo jacket on top of all of that. It worked great in the morning when it was cold but, as the day wore on, it got really hot. At least the multiple layers helped to cushion the blow of the paintball hits.

Here’s what I ended up wearing…

2011-10-01 10.38.51.jpg

It was really hard to move in over-sized clothes. The jeans weren’t too bad when I first put them on but, an hour later, they were practically falling off me. I should have taken Brian’s advice and worn a belt.

2011-10-01 08.34.57.jpg 2011-10-01 08.36.31.jpg 2011-10-01 08.37.07.jpg

As hot as I was in my multiple layers, I bet Brian was burning up. He had on a pair of jeans, a short-sleeved shirt layered on top of a long-sleeved shirt and then a tanker suit over all of that. I have to say though, without him losing all of that weight, I don’t think he could have fit in the tanker suit with regular clothes on underneath it. Brian looked fabulous in his tanker suit. He looked like a serious paintball player.

2011-10-01 08.43.05.jpg

Here’s a pregame photo of the guys who are seriously into paintball that they’re all dressed in camo. Below is a photo of Brian and Jordan.

2011-10-01 08.53.32.jpg

Now this is something that I’ve never seen before…

2011-10-01 08.56.06.jpg

Playing paintball in formal wear. I have to admit, it’s very creative. Might have to try it next year! (Found out later that they decided to dress up for paintball in honor of Brandon’s – not in the photo – wedding that evening.)

2011-10-01 10.39.33.jpg

A bunch of people chatting in the “dead box” in between games.

2011-10-01 10.40.10.jpg

The obligatory “Brian and Ching” self-portrait.

2011-10-01 12.15.10.jpg

This hit isn’t as bad as one of the other ones you’ll see later.

2011-10-01 12.16.49.jpg

Playing paintball arouses Brian. LOL!

2011-10-01 13.12.14.jpg

Brandon got Brian really good in the neck. The welt, which looks like a huge hickey, actually started bleeding.

2011-10-01 11.14.16.jpg

I got pretty dirty this year because I actually played. Unlike the last outing a couple of years ago when I just hung out and took photos.

2011-10-01 14.15.14.jpg

I can’t wait to see the video footage that Christian captured on his action cam!

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