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My Husband is a Pretty Boy

Posted on September 18, 2011 by under Things to Do.    

Question his manhood all you want, but Brian is on to something. Pedicures are awesome. I’m a big fan of pedis. I just can’t get them too often, but I do splurge a few times a year. Sometimes I actually manage to talk Brian into getting one with me.

2011-09-17 17.13.12.jpg 2011-09-17 17.23.13.jpg

He wasn’t really a fan of pedis until he tried it at this place on the West side of town that Misty told us about. Their pedicures include a great leg massage complete with hot stones. That’s Brian’s favorite part.

2011-09-17 17.35.47.jpg

His other favorite part is when they buff his nails because it makes them shine like they’re painted with clear nail polish, but they’re not. It’s all natural. Unlike clear nail polish that tends to wear off right away, the shine lasts for a long time. The last time Brian got a pedicure, his toenails stayed shiny for about four months.

The buffing costs $5 extra, but is totally worth it. So, yeah, Brian’s pedis actually cost more than mine. LOL.

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