Our Halted Anniversary Celebration Continues

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Brian and I started our weekend off at Nilla’s. Neither of us had much luck that night. We both got knocked out, almost back to back, shortly after the break. On the plus side, we got knocked out early enough that we could make to Suede for some salsa dancing. We hadn’t been out there in several weeks.


On Saturday night, Brian and I attended Chef Jason Febres’ sushi class at Taste & See. It was loads of fun. I can’t wait to take another one of his cooking classes!

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This afternoon we had our 85-minute couples massage at Healing Waters. It’s our anniversary gift to one another. We were originally going to go with Serenity, our usual and Brian’s favorite, but they took forever to post their August specials. I think it was already mid-month before they had it up on their web site. We don’t really like waiting until the last minute to schedule our stuff, so I went ahead and booked with Healing Waters. I’m actually kind of glad I did, as it had been several years since we’ve been. The last time we had massages at Healing Waters, they were still on Douglas.

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Their new location is quite impressive. It’s a dozen times better than the old place. The relaxation area is much bigger and boasts a great view of the lake and waterfall. The locker room is really nice also. There’s even a sauna in there. Brian said they don’t have one in the men’s locker room. Yet another reason why it’s great to be a woman! LOL.

Sometimes it’s not enough to just celebrate your anniversary in one night/day or one weekend. Many times we find ourselves celebrating for an entire week or an entire month. Our next anniversary-related outing will be The Script concert at Hartman Arena in a couple of weeks. That should be it for a while. Although, I kind of like this celebrating all the time thing. I think we should start celebrating our marriage not just on our anniversary date, weekend, or month, but throughout the year.

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"What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility."

~ Leo Tolstoy