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Get Motivated Seminar

Posted on July 28, 2011 by under Things to Do.    

2011-07-26 06.46.20.jpg

The line was insane. And we thought we got there early, too! Apparently, not early enough. We should have gotten there at 6 AM.

2011-07-26 06.50.55.jpg

It was so packed inside that we had a hard time finding seats.

2011-07-26 07.58.29.jpg

2011-07-26 08.30.00.jpg

We heard later on that the overflow ended up at Century II and the additional overflow got turned away altogether. Which kind of sucks if you waited in line for a long time. You didn’t really miss much, though. Misty only lasted an hour before she decided it was time to go. LOL.

They marketed it really well so you thought you were coming to hear all of these awesome speakers, which they were, but they snuck in a couple of sales guys. They don’t tell you about those. I guess they have to pay all the other speakers somehow.

Even though the sales guys took up a lot of the time, the other speakers were pretty good. As long as you can tune out all of the junk, there was some good wisdom imparted. The first couple of speakers were so effective that we were feeling nice and motivated and the positive vibes got us to sign up for a two-day seminar about stocks. Actually, we probably would have gotten talked into it regardless because Brian and I are easy targets. We weren’t alone, though. There were swarms of people who signed up.

2011-07-26 11.17.50.jpg

We didn’t buy what the other sales guy was selling, though. He took forever to get to the point and was just too weird. LOL. I won’t repost the wisdom imparted by the “real” speakers because I’ve already posted a lot of them on Twitter and they’re mostly common sense.

Bottom line? The seminar wasn’t what I thought it would be, but I always make the most out of any situation so I think I was able to get a lot of out it. I wouldn’t do it again, though. =P

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  • Replies to "Get Motivated Seminar"


    Seamus  on July 29, 2011

    Hopefully you aren’t going to find any hidden charges on your credit card if you gave them your number as they asked. If you google these people, you’ll find that it’s all a big scam. Their tools aren’t going to help any beat the S&P500 yet alone realize 15-20%. The second flim-flam artist in the afternoon was truly awful– it was a mixture of old-time revival hogwash with genuine snake oil salesmanship. Real estate liens? No money down deals on $1.3 million trailer parks? Ain’t gonna happen.

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