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Tis the Season for Summer Birthday Parties

Posted on July 23, 2011 by under Babies, Wishlist.    

A bunch of our friends decided they would have babies at the same time so their kids are now all turning two. We were invited to a birthday party every single Saturday over the next three weeks. Yikes! I guess it could have been worse. The birthday parties could have all been scheduled over one weekend. LOL.

2011-07-23 12.51.43.jpg

I always ask the parents for a wishlist to simplify the gift-buying process on my end. As you all know, I’m a busy person. Between work and working out, there really isn’t much time left in my day. Gina Ann, who is always on top of things, was the first person to send me a wishlist. I found the best gift for Carolyn from her list (something educational that also looks like fun for the kiddo) so, to further simplify things, I just asked Apple and April if Zane and Gavin have this same toy already. As luck would have it, neither did. I ended up buying three of them — online, so I didn’t even have to leave the house. Bam! Gift shopping done. Just like that.

You might find my methods a little tacky but, you have to admit, it’s pretty efficient. Plus, wishlists are always the way to go. This way you don’t end up with stuff that you either already have or absolutely have no use for. But that’s just me.

2011-07-23 13.19.35.jpg

By the way, all three gifts are wrapped and ready to go. Am I good or what?

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