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Day 1 in Boston

Posted on July 10, 2011 by under Travel.    

After we checked in to our hotel in Cambridge, we drove to Boston to drop off the rental car. The drop off location is pretty close to Quincy Market so we decided to walk over. There were a ton of people there that weekend. Not sure if it is your typical weekend crowd or if there are more people because of 4th of July weekend. Probably the latter.

2011-07-02 18.44.50.jpg

There are lots of really good street performers in Boston. They’re even better than the street performers you see in San Francisco or Las Vegas. We got to watch The Red Trouser Show (that’s what they call their act) in front of Quincy Market and these guys were really good.

2011-07-02 18.51.59.jpg

Here’s a video of part of their act (sorry it’s sideways)…

Anyway, I would have taken more pictures at Quincy Market but my phone was out of juice. I did get to take some pictures at Dick’s Last Resort, though. Then my phone finally died. But it’s okay because you can’t really capture Quincy Market in pictures. It’s something that you have to experience in person — no words can describe the sights, the sounds, and the smells! They have every kind of food imaginable represented. It’s like a food court (more like food alley, though) on steriods!

We walked around for a bit and Becca got fried dough, which I got to try for the first time, before we headed back to the hotel. Sans the rental car that we already returned, the four of us walked over to the nearest MBTA station. They’re everywhere really.

I think the best advice I can give for making the most out of your Boston trip is to ditch your car. This worked out really well for us. Parking is expensive and can range between $30-$40 per day. We met this one guy who told us that he paid $20 for four hours of parking. If you’re lucky and can eat cheaply for about $80, that still brings your total to $100. You’re not even counting miscellaneous expenses like tour fees, tips and souvenirs. Who can afford to do that everyday?

Our best move was to get a 7-day MBTA pass. I think we were looking at spending $17 each for 10 fares (already discounted because I think fares are normally $2 each) on a Charlie Card. The helpful MBTA employee asked us how long we were staying and, when we told him 4-5 days, he recommended that we get a 7-day MBTA pass instead which would give us unlimited fares for only $15 each. He punched some buttons on the ticket machine, we each got one (you can’t really share these because they can’t be reused for 15 minutes), and off we went. There are subway stations everywhere so used the heck out of the T (this is what everyone calls the subway trains) while we were there. This was definitely a good value. The pass saved us a lot of money not just in fares, but in parking fees too (which we would have had to deal with had we decided to keep the rental car).

The only thing about the T is that you have to know your way around somewhat. The lady at the hotel concierge desk told us that the hotel was about a 15-minute walk from the nearest T station. Well, we couldn’t remember which T station she said so on our way home we got off at Kendall — one stop too early. We didn’t realize this of course.

We were walking around for about 20 minutes when Becca was like, “I thought she said it was only a 15-minute walk?” The weather was nice and the walk was pleasant so I didn’t really mind. She, Jay and Brian all had to pee really badly, though, so they sort of felt differently. We found out that night that Kendall is the MIT stop so we got to know the MIT campus pretty well that evening. Brian and Jay got to know it better than Becca and I did. They actually peed on MIT property. LOL. Good thing it was night time and they didn’t get busted.

After Brian and Jay got the relief they needed, I think we probably could have walked the rest of the way back to the hotel. Everything was just so interesting to look at and the weather was so nice, I probably could have walked for hours and not even realized it (until the next day). Becca didn’t get her relief, though, so we ended up hailing a cab. We were literally just around the corner from the hotel. I think we would have gotten there in another 10-15 minutes.

It was a good way to gauge cab fare, though, which is way more expensive than the MBTA. We just have to remember to get off at the correct stop next time.

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