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BBQ Photos

Posted on April 30, 2003 by under Life, Wishlist.    

Just got done watching American Idol and here are my thoughts:

– Trenyce didn’t deserve to go home. She chose some really good songs to sing and she sounded great!

– Kimberly Locke was awesome! I loved her rendition of “Where the Boys Are” and I also loved that she sang one of my all-time favorite songs during their 60’s music medley, “To Sir With Love.”

– I can’t believe Clay sang “Buttercup” — I love that song! It always makes me think of one of my favorite movies, “There’s Something About Mary.”

– They should have sent Josh home. He performed the worst. This just goes to show that America is on crack and totally clueless. Pia say it was racism. I think the voters just have no taste. LOL! Kidding aside, I think they just felt bad for Josh because Simon was really rough on him but Simon was just giving his opinion. It was crappy. It reminds me of how they kept Carmen for several weeks and got rid of the other people first when she was really one of the worst ones.

– During the brief time that I saw Julia during their group performance with Burt Bacharach, I was totally taken by her. She looks even more amazing now that she’s not on the show. I guess with all that free time she has more time to go tanning. She was hot!

– I want a Nokia 3650 camera phone!

 Nokia 3650
Anyway.. Here are some pictures from our barbeque last Sunday..

 Andy and Ashley
 Andy and Brian
 Chris and Jack
 Sarah and Nick
 Keith and Jack
 watching Jackass
 watching Jackass

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