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It’s that time again.

Posted on May 30, 2011 by under Wishlist.    

It’s that time again!

My birthday is coming up, that means that I am starting to get questions about gifts.
My wife has asked that I put a list up for anyone who is interested. So here it is.

Belted Longer Length Cargo Shorts from Express. I like these because they are longer than your normal shorts. I am kind of picky about the length of shorts because I am self-conscious about my legs. It’s something I am working on but it will be a while before I am happy with the way they look. Thanks to my recent workout routine I have lost some weight and can now fit into a 32 waist.

Also at Express you can find these great Stretch Cotton Crew Neck Tee’s, I love these shirts. I have three already but would love to get some more. They come in a variety of colors but again, I am picky. I am not a flashy person and bright colors don’t really do it for me. The only colors I like are Heather Grey, Light Heather Grey, Pewter, Pitch Black, Pure White and Utility Green. Due to my weight loss, I can now fit in Mediums.

The new Mortal Kombat for the PlayStation 3, you can find it at Best Buy. I loved playing this back in the day. My wife and I used to invite our friends over and have fight night when I had the PS2. Between the Mortal Kombat series and the Tekken Series we had plenty to keep us occupied. We would compete to see who could outlast who.

Starcraft was one of my favorite games. I would play it for hours, just loosing myself in it. Now they have Starcraft 2. This would be one that I would love to have. Practicality has kept me from buying it. Every time I go to buy a game I think about this one but settle for another. From what I have seen of it, this would be a great game to have.

I have several other things in mind, but these are the things that I just wont usually buy myself. If you’re like me and you don’t feel comfortable buying clothes for someone, gift cards to these locations usually work well. I know I am a 32 waist in Old Navy, but the same may not be true for Express. I have learned that each company does its own sizing. If anything include a gift receipt, that’s what I always do no matter what.

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