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Truck Stop Memories

Posted on May 17, 2011 by under Life.    

A conversation Brian and I had while we were driving to KC over the weekend…

ME: Was that Beto Junction?


ME: Darn it! I wanted to stop there.


ME: I love Beto Junction! It’s my favorite truck stop.

BRIAN: [giving me a strange, you-are-a-crazy-woman look] Have you even been there? And when?

ME: It was 12-13 years ago. Before we met. I just remember making a pit stop and browsing their store. They had these cool, funny t-shirts inside milk cartons. They had clever sayings on them. It looked like you were buying milk but, when you open it, there’s a t-shirt inside. Every time I drive by Beto Junction, it makes me think of that day I was in there and saw those clever shirts in the cool packaging. What about you? Don’t you have any fond truck stop memories?

BRIAN: Wow. I try to forget all my truck stop memories.

LOL. I think most of Brian’s truck stop memories consist of creepy truckers, filthy bathrooms and bad food. I try to block those from memory also. =P

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